This series relates to a secret British Air Ministry project that took place during the Second World War. Film technicians at Sound City studios in Shepperton were commissioned to design fake cities, airfields, docks and oil refineries. The objective of this simulation was to divert enemy bombs away from the real targets. The decoys were constructed using fires and electric lights a few miles away from the true locations. Today, only control bunkers remain at many of the sites as crumbling reminders of this forgotten endeavour. They sheltered the crew and housed generators for the lights. This simulation diverted 5% of enemy bombs away from their intended destinations.

The project is informed by archive sources and my images are made at former decoy locations. I am intrigued by this curious meeting of theatre and the military. I introduce theatrical lighting to animate the landscape and to evoke visual deception in war.

Bombing decoy site at Kenn Moor, Somerset
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